Are you a top Lean executive? Our partner, Not Actively Looking, in case you’re “not” actively looking…

Clients come to us searching for their next Lean COO or other top Operations or Operational Excellence executive.  Just about every search we undertake, at every level, requires candidate experience and expertise with Lean.

Which means that if  you might consider making a career move, we could very well be able to pair you with your next ideal career opportunity.

If you’d like us to know about you, your interests, preferences, accomplishments and capabilities, connect with us by submitting your resume.

We partner with Not Actively Looking to offer you the most secure way of providing us your information (and keeping it up-to-date!).  Please follow either link to register.

We’ll receive and review your information against all the search engagements we’re currently conducting.  We’ll also be able to find you again when that new position – perhaps your perfect one – comes around.

Not Actively Looking is a confidential and secure platform that allows you to manage the information you provide to us, including current career and contact information, key achievements, skills and a picture of what you see as your ideal next career opportunity.

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