Lean Is a Business System, Not Just a Bunch of Tools Used to Cut Costs…

I recruit Lean executives.  When people ask, that’s what I tell them.

Yet I find that a surprising number of folks still hold at least a few misconceptions about what that really means. Since you’re reading this it’s unlikely that you’re among them, but just in case…

Lean is a business system. A business leadership model. And a methodology for transforming the organization.

Lean is created around strategic innovation combined with continuous improvement, designed to build a culture driven by your customer’s voice, and built to deliver operational excellence that results in sustained profitability and growth.

Lean executives are, quite simply, individuals who not only get this but also have the ability to actually execute on it.

So, if you need to recruit one or two of these exceptional leaders to join your team, call me.

Because I recruit Lean executives.

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