Putting Clients First

Actually, you first. Because that’s the way it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?

Something you’ll soon discover when we work together is that, plain and simple, I really love doing this.  Clients tell me it shows. Because for me it’s not just about recruiting an executive, it’s about helping make a difference in the success of your organization. And the personal satisfaction I derive from making a finely-tuned, lasting leadership match-up.

So I approach my work with the same purpose and intensity your CEO and colleagues would see from you if you were doing that search yourself.

Here’s how some of that feels.

You Get Me. Every Time.

My name is on the door and I do the work.  Normally with the help of one or two assistants, leveraging their help so that I can put my energy into the most critical elements of your search. But there’s only one person you’ll ever need to ask “Where are we on this?”  –  that’s me.

Multi-tasking or Juggling? Or Struggling?

Ever try doing too many things at once? Did you call it multi-tasking. How well did it work out? Same principles apply in executive recruiting if you’re going at it the smart way.

I set limits. No more than a handful of executive search projects at a time. Typically staggered so that work flow stages and timing of one are carefully balanced against only one or two others.  So I can invest the time and attention required for your search. For our collaboration. For the phone calls and meetings we’ll have frequently so that your search process speeds along rapidly, and so that we’re heading off any problems as they pop up in real-time.

No Duplicates. No Conflicts.

I don’t’ like conflict of interest. You probably don’t either. So I’ll never accept two similar search assignments from two different clients simultaneously.  Why should I have to decide who gets first “dibs” on that particularly strong candidate?  Because how would you feel if you suspected you’d never had a shot at the first-round draft choice? No duplicates, no troubling trade-offs, no conflicts.

Isn’t that the right way to do this? The way you’d want it done?

No Off-Limits. Except You.

Off-limits, in my world, means that a specific potential candidate who might be a great match for your critical search is also someone I’m not able to approach.  Those people do exist, but there aren’t many of them. Here’s what this means if we work together:

I will never recruit anyone from any organization that is an active client.
I will never recruit any individual I have ever placed with a client, at any time, whether or not they’re still an active client.

When you work with me you will know exactly which executives and companies are off-limits for me, before we ever begin the search.  You’ll feel confident  and secure knowing that I can reach far and wide to bring only the best and most interesting candidates to your negotiating table.

Listen. Respond. Repeat.

Because our communication is critical to our successful collaboration. So I listen intently. Respond truthfully. Act purposefully.

We’ll build feedback loops into every aspect of the search. And I’ll continually check to make sure our process is moving at an optimal pace and in the right direction, constantly adjusting as necessary to stay on course. Regularly and often, just as we agreed at the start of this partnering journey. So we’ll expect fewer one-way streets, no dead-ends, and quick U-turns to get us back on track rapidly before we’re in danger of veering off into the fog.

Sometimes. Say. No.

How often do executive search firms turn down new engagements? Probably not often enough, because the statistics tell us that too many of them turn into failures. I’d rather that not happen. I suspect you agree.

It’s possible that we might decide I’m not the best person to help you. On that particular search. At that particular time. Or under those specific circumstances. We’ll figure this out together, before any work begins. In that case, if I’m able, I’ll be happy to refer you to someone else.

Because we can’t be all things to all people. Sometimes, well, it’s just about the karma.

Or Say Yes.

But, if it’s right… When I commit to your executive search you will absolutely know that I’m 100% in the game and playing to win. Period.

If you’d like to discuss your executive recruiting needs, or learn more about how we might work together, please contact me. With confidence, and of course, confidentially. +1 239.302.3344

We retained Adam Zak to conduct a critical Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations search for our company. Not only did he recruit a top-flight individual into the firm, but he also delivered on what he promised. He was diligent in the process, stayed in communication, and was, as his candidates, always prepared.

– Christopher Gleeson, Chairman, GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. and former President & CEO,
Ventana Medical Systems

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