How It Feels

One of the most critical tasks I perform on my clients’ behalf is telling their stories – communicating clearly, concisely and accurately what the company and position are all about.

And I believe that HOW I do this is the root cause of my continuing success in attracting the most interesting, interested and qualified executives to the companies I’m honored to represent.

“It is no longer what you do that matters most and sets you apart from others, but how you do what you do.”
–Dov Seidman

How would you like to be represented? How would you like your story told? What lasting impression would you like to make on those who – win or lose – contend for your key positions? How would you like candidates to feel about your organization after walking away from their conversations with me?

As is the case with virtually all professional services, it’s not possible to give you a sample of my work or a taste of HOW we’d work together. No such thing as a test drive, unfortunately. But I can share some independent observations others have made about their experience with Adam Zak.

“Adam, from the outset of our engagement, I found it a refreshing change to read your position specification for the president’s role. Your brief was creatively written in a way that immediately caught my eye and piqued my interest. This was clearly not one of the usual cut-and-paste postings that are often the norm.As a senior executive candidate, I found it quite an eye-opener to realize that, in contrast to your approach, other firms typically employ junior “researchers” who quite often make the decision as to whether or not I might even “qualify” to speak to an actual recruiter. Often those first-round interviews came about – or perhaps did not – as the result of a simplistic electronic selection process which did nothing more than “score” me solely on the basis of keywords in my resume.

But our first discussion was encouragingly different, as I soon realized that I was dealing with a fellow executive who fully understood and represented the needs of his client, while also respecting and honoring the seniority and expertise of the candidates he was engaging.

As a result of your exceptional responsiveness, your individual attention to your candidates, and your deep understanding of your client’s culture, it became clear to me that you felt very confident of my strong fit for the position. Your efforts and enthusiasm were a key factor in my decision to accept the offer over competing offers I had also been entertaining at the time.

Clearly, you have a unique approach to executive recruitment and this is a valuable asset not only to your clients, but as well to the candidates you recruit and present on their behalf.  I have recommended your firm to a number of colleagues and organizations with whom I’ve worked and built relationships throughout my career, and will confidently continue to do so in the future.

Adam, it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you once again.”

–Paul A. Valle, former President, Silver Line Building Products, an Andersen Company; and former Group President, Saint-Gobain

If you’d like to discuss your potential executive recruiting needs, or learn more about how we might work together, please contact me. With confidence, and of course, confidentially. +1 239.302.3344

I was the Executive Vice President of Operations for a large automotive Tier One supplier and looking for a career change. I worked with several different recruiting firms and found that Adam Zak was by far the most thorough and professional recruiter I dealt with. He took the necessary time to clearly understand my skills and abilities to ensure a good match existed before presenting me to his client company. I highly recommend his firm to any organization needing talent acquisition assistance because of my very positive experience with Adam.

Patrick Vogler, VP Manufacturing, Silver Line Building Products, an Andersen Company
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