Simple Excellence

The journey to successful Lean transformation begins with getting your company’s leadership team on the same page. At the same time.

Detailing the role of senior management in achieving that successful transformation to organizational excellence, Simple Excellence: Organizing and Aligning the Management Team in a Lean Transformation charts a course of simplification through the complexity often associated with managing performance improvement initiatives and sustaining them for the long-term.

Maintaining a focus on the big picture, this book, written by Adam Zak and Bill Waddell,defines the concepts underlying value streams and explains how to utilize them to structure your business in such a way that will help align all stakeholders with what matters most. It reduces constraint management to its most practical terms and lays out a sound approach to accounting that enables everyone to spend money where it adds value and stop spending where it doesn’t.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive your management team with dedicated allegiance to the concept of value enhancement
  • Propel your organization to higher performance through the employment of Lean culture and decision-making principles
  • Enact management structures needed to put new ways of thinking into play
  • Focus on the bottom line with the right performance metrics

The text includes case studies from high-profile organizations recognized for operational excellence. Here’s what readers and reviewers are saying:

“Simple Excellence is a soup-to-nuts look at how to get your management team focused, together, and aligned in an effort to embed a Lean mindset in the upper levels of the organization.”

Matthew E. May, Founder, EDIT Innovation; Author, The Laws of Subtraction: Six Simple Rules for Winning in an Age of Excess Everything

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Simple Excellence is a quick and easy read that finally describes a simple, logical, way to conduct business. Simple principles like, focusing on the customer, eliminating waste, driving costs down, and managing cash are not complex enough for academics and the latest business book gurus to deal with. It’s reassuring to know that many of the principles espoused in this book are the same concepts we focus on here at Parker Hannifin. I will be making this book a must read for my staff. Simple Excellence helps to reinforce that what we are working on here at Parker Hannifin is the right stuff.

Bob Barker, President, Parker Aerospace, and Executive Vice President & Operating Officer, Parker Hannifin Corporation
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